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Summary of Question:Being A Manglik...Means Anything In Sikhism??
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Friday, 10/31/2008 4:44 AM MDT

I am a 25 yr old girl, from a gursikh family. although they all say they only believe in sikhism, my family is also following other beliefs. The problem is that i am 25 yr old n still havnt found a partner. evryone in the family knows about my earlier relationship wich did'nt work out n r now really tensed as all my other cousins younger (19 - 20 yr. old) than me have got engaged n married. so they went to a pandit to discuss this and the pandit apparently said that i am a manglik and that mangliks get married at a late age n also that they have to get married to a manglik only. now being a sikh how will i ever ask someone if he is a manglik? n also now i am really worried about finding sumone as i also feel any later will be too late plus so far all the guys that people recommend are just not my type n it feels like they just want me to get together to anyone so that the society or people around us can keep shut. I genuinly feel that i deserve sumone really good but my patience has gone worse since i've come to know that i'l get married at a late age being a manglik.

your help will be greatly appriciated


My dear, You are the daughter of the Guru. You are Bhand Jamee-ai Bhand Nimee-ai Bhand Manganaa Veeaho....." You are only 25 years of age which is not old.
Stop comparing yourself with others. No need to be anything more than who YOU are. Marriage will come when you are ready. You may be ready tomorrow. Do not allow your thinking to limit you. Our path is the path of Infinity. The Sikh Gurus' rejected the limiting ways of Hinduism and astrology.

Be greatful and nothing else, to Guru and love Guru and look to Guru's guidence for your life and for love. First love Guru in your daily practice. Then God and Guru will grant you your marriage. Be happy, be healthy and be holy.

Much love to you,

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Being A Manglik...Means Anything In Sikhism?? (10/31/2008)
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