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Summary of Question:Re Confusious
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/10/2009 10:04 PM MDT

dhan waheguru ji

gurufateh g
u both need some improvments g
just one question when u tell ur wife about sikhi what do u tell her

matlab do u tell her guru nanak ji said SO koi manda akhiye jit jamai rajan meaning how do u call her low even kings are born from her

both of u need to share responsibilities
if ur newly wed she still might cling to her family a bit
that is natural g just b patient

what my fear is ur not telling her that she has to act a way according to the punjabi culture are u cause that wud b a little wrong
ex that she has to not use ur name
do all the work
submit to u ect.........

let her know u r partners and most of all Listen to eachother


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Re Confusious (03/10/2009)
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