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Summary of Question:Eye Twitching Problems
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/12/2009 7:16 AM MST

Dear All,

I am 23yrs old male who has been following yoga for some times, and practicing sat kirya and sordarshan chakkra kirya often but not regularly.

I have previsouly email you before about my sexual problems, as many do here before, and thanks to your help, i have controled my masturbation, i dont do it anymore, and even thou i get the urge, i can distract myself from it...

However, i was reading yogi bhajans lectures from the archive, and in one of his talks he talks about the ''twitchig of the eye'' which he explain as ''7th, 3rd sciatica nerve into the 4th meridian.''

The reason i ask this is because i also have this twitching going on in my eye, and it is quite often, and i cant control it. I want to correct myself but i dont know how.

Is there a yoga, assan, kirya, mantra, i can practice to control my twiching and prevent it from happening, is there a way i can fix this. Yogi Bhajans says it happenes when one is not sure of themselves. I can relate to this because i am scared at times and say 'i dont know'.

Hope you can help.

Dear one,
Your eyes could be very dry. You may have allergies. You may need some more rest and sleep.
Check it out and relax!

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Eye Twitching Problems (02/12/2009)
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