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Summary of Question:I Am Going To Punch Someone At Work
Date Posted:Sunday, 9/14/2008 6:26 PM MDT

Sorry for the inapropriate title but this may be the case this week.

Here's the thing, there is a problem here with the young Sikh boys/men related to shootings and kilings here in Vancouver area. I am not involved with this at all and I never was. At work there is a Caucasion man that sits next to me and he from time to time mentions how much he hates the Indo-Canadian community and everthing.. he does this purposly sitting next to me so I can hear it. He is an angry man.
Is this a form of 'Moh' because I'm feeling that he is insulting my community and I am getting really hurt by it.
I am hurt easily.. someone told me that I have to get over my Ahankar.
Could it just be that I am too proud of my community that I am hurt when I hear it being insulted.
Or is it 'haumai.'
How do I deal with this problem?
I am searching for a Sikh reason so I can simply just ignore this and not let it bother me when I hear it again.
Christan website it states how to overcome pride:

One of the symtoms of Pride stated in this website is (question form) "Are you feeling hurt easily?" Is this ahankar because I am feeling hurt by this? Is it haumai? Please if you can help me as soon as possible I don't think I can control myself any longer I'm going to explode.

Thanks you ahead of time.

Jatinder Khaira

Satnam Beta,

What does it matter if this is ego or not? It does not matter.
When your emotions get riled up and you are easily angered you have a problem that is your own.
It is not the person next to you. If you were calm and centered you could just observe, ask a question
and be cool. But you are not cool. I would highly reccommend some anger management for you.

You could go and punch your hand through a punching bag and let it out. But best not to fuel your feelings and fan the fire. Run around the block ten times and do 50 pushups and 50 jumping jacks and then breath deeply and hold your breath for 1 minute, recite gobinday mukunday udaaray aparay haree-ang karee-ang nirnaamay akaamay..........for 3 minutes. Then go take a hukam from the Guru and understand what Guru is saying to you every day.

Also, if you daily do the one minute breath meditation for 30 minutes after working out as above, you will be very calm and neutral.

You could also find a good teacher and study martial arts.

You can find the one minute breath meditation on the Sikh Youth Forum. I have given it many times.

Bless you for asking,


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