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Summary of Question:Goat Killing In Hazoor Sahib !!
Date Posted:Friday, 8/14/2009 1:35 AM MDT

Hi Sikhnet

This is to inform you that some idiot Nihanghs are killing goats and taking blood in the gurudwara sahib however anyone who try to oppose them is threatened by some illitrate Idiot Nihanghs........

They disrespect my brothers at Hazoor sahib when they opposed it and when he ask them to stop these brutality as it is against Sikhism since i was not with them they were forcefully dragged out from that Place by Nihanghs in duty...

I had a word with some of my friends who had a same experiance and together we are 40 in number now and we are planning to visit there as we have some university holidays near by and we wants to stop that Killings !!!!!!!!

Yes it will lead to a Wider Conflict but somebody has to come up and tell these Blind nihangs to stop these killings |||||

All of us are a bit worried about the consequences, Please advise us ???

Fateh !!
Do not reac. Do not act from emotions! Cool down and research the history and accomadation of this practice. Educate yourself and reflect deeply, Then you can communicate your position to the powers that be.

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Goat Killing In Hazoor Sahib !! (08/14/2009)
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