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Summary of Question:A Few Questions
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Wednesday, 1/28/2009 10:27 PM MST

I have a list of questions and was wondering if you could answer them for me. Thank you. :)

Firstly, why is amrit vela stressed within Sikhi? Second, why do we ask for "the gift of meditation on the Divine and bath in the Amritsar?" in the Ardaas?

Moreover, recently I've had a strange occurance with a man telling me about supernatural powers and how the point of the 5 khands is to acquire the spiritual powers (it is your spiritual journey) and to use to them to do good. I was always under the impression that the khands were different stages and paths of being one with God ridding yourself of ego. Also, he explained that sikhism believes in heaven and hell. Heaven is where God lives and hell is used in various chambers to punish individuals. I have always believed these to be metaphorical references in Gurbani. I'm not sure if any of what he has said is correct.

Finally, I have a few questions about the rahit. I'm not sure about the purposes or significances of certain parts of the rahit. Basically, I'm asking why they are in there and what is the purpose of them being in there:

Chapter 4, Article 5: Joining the Congregation for Reflecting on Gurbani
(q) Only an Amritdhari (initiated) Sikh man or woman, who faithfully observes the discipline ordained for the initiated Sikhs, can enter the hallowed enclosures of the takhts. (Ardas for and on behalf of any Sikh or non-Sikh, except a fallen or punished (tankhahia) Sikh, can be offered at the takhts.

Chapter 6, Article 7: Taking Hukam (Command)
(c) Only a Sikh, man or woman, is entitled to be in attendance of Guru Granth Sahib during the congregational session.

Chapter 13, Article 24: Ceremonies of Initiation
(c) The five beloved ones who administer ambrosial initiation should be able-bodied, excluding a disabled person, such as a person who is blind or blind in one eye, lame, one with a broken or disabled limb, or one suffering from some chronic disease.
(q) The following individuals shall be liable to chastisement involving automatic boycott:
(1) Anyone maintaining relations or communion with elements antagonistic to the Panth including the minas (reprobates), the masands (agents once accredited to local Sikh communities as Guru's representatives, since discredited for their faults and aberrations), followers of Dhirmal or Ram Rai, et. al., or users of tobacco or killers of female infants (my question is, why the users of tobacco?)
(2) One who eats/drinks leftovers of the uninitiated or the fallen Sikhs

I'm extremely sorry for the long post

Thank you so much for everything I love this website!
Dear one, please do not listen to the foolish talk of some very confident manmukh.
I suggest that you read the book VICTORY AND VIRTUE -Ceremonies and Code of Conduct of Sikh Dharma. It is posted on SIKHNET as a reference material. I do not know where your references originate, but the sections on REHIT MARAYADA chapter 2, and AMRIT SANCHAR chapter 10 shold give you all the information you seek....Blessings, SKK

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