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Summary of Question:Need Guidance
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/19/2009 1:53 AM MDT

1. May I please have a prayer to protect my daughter who will be away from home for 3 months to attend the National Service. Have heard so many horror stories when this children go deep into the jungle. Some kids cry throughout their time there. Am so worried. Is Poota Maatha ki asisi only for sons. Can it be for daughters as well.

2. When we do japji sahib, jaap sahib and dukh bhanjani one after the other followed by ardas. How do we end? Do we mention all three paths together or separate ardas for each.
3. Please advise. I read that in japji verse 25 can be recited to help us in times of need. Do we start reading from verse 24 to 25 or 25 to 26.
Thank you.
Please do Poota Mata ki asees for your daughters as well. Your prayer is the most powerful one.
When you do the 3 prayers as a devotion, then, one ardas for all 3 prayers would be the completion.......also, you can take a hukam after the ardas.
Just recite the Pauri #25 from Jap Ji as an individual prayer by reciting it 11 times each day.

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