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Summary of Question:Love
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Monday, 10/13/2008 12:40 PM MDT

I'm a 14yr old sikh living in alberta, canada. Even though i am not amritdhari, i keep my hair and am a vegetarian. This was a desicion I took in grade 4/5. I have a question that i have been wondering about for a very long time now. Is it alright for sikh girls to have crushes or like a guy (I dont mean dating and going out). They are just natural feelings right? And something else I think of while watching movies n stuff, is there such a thing as true love?


Dear one,
Emotions in your developing years demonstrate the functioning of your glandular system starting to kick in. So, having a crush or infatuation does naturally occur during puberty. You called it Natural feelings.

But true love that you refer to, is NOT found in the movies. What they portray is the passionate side of the emotions before they die down and become something else.

True love is love of the soul for your God self. This is something to be recognized that God is within you and within all. Not just in your boyfriend.



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Love (10/13/2008)
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