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Summary of Question:Piercings
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/04/2009 2:51 PM MDT


I have recently married the man I love with all my heart - I would do anything for him to show him how much I love and respect him and his wishes.

My husband has asked me on numerous occasions to pierce my noes and ears.

I believe that when Guru Ji decides to take me from the universe - I will be judged on my actions / intentions. I have not taken amrit, and I have an occasional drink, I do cut my hair, but I also do Jap Ji paat daily to help me find Baba Ji in everyone and everything. Since Guru Ji has blessed me with such a beautiful life - I would like to make the right decision in this matter.

There are numerous views and opinions associated with body piercings. But my question to you is Which paat or which guru made direct reference to Sikhs and piercings? Is there a specific site which may have this information available?
The Rehit Marayada of Guru Gobind Singh says very clearly NOT to peirce any part of the body. Let your
devotion to God be your decoration. Start reading the SGGS in ENglish and find these wonderful references. You can start by reading Suhmani Sahib in English and contemplate on Guru Amar Das words instructing all the parts of the body to devotion. It is quite beautful and the translation is oline at SIKHNET. SK

Thank you in advance.

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Piercings (08/04/2009)
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