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Summary of Question:Wheather 2 Follow Dasamgranth
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Friday, 8/07/2009 11:46 PM MDT

in nanaded its seen the sachkhand gurdwara dasamgranth is nearly followed same as shri grugranth sahib n recently some missionaries from punjab opposed this n there was some conflict so please guide

Just let it be for now. Everything here is different. Rather than critisize it or try to change it and get into controversy and the politics that do nothing for anybody......"let your mind recite the praises of the Absolute Lord, Oh my mind know this to be the righteous course for you, keep th tongue pure". A line from Sikhmany Sahib and something perfect for you to recite in ENGLISH daily. SK

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Wheather 2 Follow Dasamgranth (08/07/2009)
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