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Summary of Question:Egg, Milk , Masturbate/Sex
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 4/25/2009 12:45 AM MDT

Guru Fateh,

Its a long long time after which i have managed to CONFUSE my self again:)..

My Question came up after talking to a hindu friend who believes that sex for anything other than Procreation is BHOG or SIN. The logic he gave was..
1) The wasting sperms in masturbation or pleasure sex is simply killing the chance of a life even if it is with your life partner whom u love the most.
2) He then also told me that if non veg is bad, then even egg is bad and even milk is bad.

I know your answer would contain reference to Guru nanak's verse where he ripps apart the topic of spirituality and non veganism but still i think they would never want us to eat non veg for taste. Thats the reason, we never have meat being distributed in gurudwaras.
Even Eggs are never distributed.

why would we want to kill something when options are avaialble.????

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Gur Fateh Jio! -

1. Every month a woman is not pregnant, her body sheds the non-fertilized egg. When sperm is not released, the body releases it involuntarily. Every flower tosses it's pollens and seeds to the wind. Why judge? Sex is everything and sex is nothing. It is simply a part of life itself. Understand it and enjoy it.

2. Nothing is good or bad except that thinking makes it so. It is a matter of consciousness. As you say "why would we want to kill something when options are available?" Everything is God. When we choose what we eat based on our consciousness and intuition rather than because of its sweet or savory taste - then we eat with love and understanding.


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Egg, Milk , Masturbate/Sex (04/25/2009)
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