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Summary of Question:Prayer For Brother In Law
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Thursday, 8/27/2009 7:52 PM MDT

Gurfateh Ji.

Khalsa Ji, I am writting to you to seek help for my sister.

She had been married for about 6 years now & with Waheguru's kirpa, she has 2 lovely sons.

However for the past 1 year, her husband has left the house as he is involved with a widow in her 30s.

At first we thought he might return after a short while but its been a year now & we see no sign of him returning. Many friends and relatives told us to ask "pandits" whether he has been cast black magic. We have never believed in such things before but seeing his total change towards my sister; my mother & sister has seek advice from the "pandit" & the "pandit" said he is indeed under black magic.

I seek your kind advice if there is any paath that i can do for my sister so that her husband will return to her & their kids; i have adviced my sister to do "So Purakh" but since she has started working she misses the paath.

Your kind help & advice would be much appreciated.

Sorry for such a long email.

Gurfateh Ji.


Sat nam. Your advice is sound. Frankly, he has her over a barrel and she needs to ask herself if this is what she wants out of life. She does have other options, and frankly, they can't be any worse than what is going on now. Clarity on situations comes to the neutral mind, and naam simran and paath give neutral mind. Choice is hers.
Guru ang sang,

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Prayer For Brother In Law (08/27/2009)
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