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Summary of Question:Angry Husband
Date Posted:Thursday, 10/13/2011 5:24 AM MDT

Sat Siri Akal

I have been married for last 5 years with two kids.We both have professional career and live in a joint family. My husband had some financial loss during stock market crash. After that, he became very argumentive and abusive ( which i never imagined that he could be) on small matters in front of kids. His family doesn't support me either.They do argu with me every week which is also effective my marriage.

It feels that end has come but i do'nt want to do this for my kids.My husband has completly changed, he does whatever his family ask him to do. He never listens to me and his family knows we two don't get on well and they are taking advantage of this situation specially his mom and brother.

Is there anything i can do to change my husband's personality and to save my marriage. I want to know something else than doing SO Purkh Path.

Yes, this is a tough situation. First realize that he is not angry at you. He is upset over the loss of his investment and he is expressing that to you. So you have become the punching bag.Also, rather than wanting to change him, try changing your attitude.
Instead of looking for support and verification look to Wahe Guru for that which you want from him and the extended family. Your marriage has been only for 5 years and your children must be very small. This is another side of your husband and it is him too. So see it and then adjust and figure out, how you will not RE-ACT to his bad mood of these days.
Consider how to change your attitude and smile at him in spite of his upset. Re-assure him with all you do have, breath, health, and possible happiness.......and be supportive to him by not getting into his emotionality. You are a woman and your power is much greater than crumbling now.
I am going to suggest that you recite the shabd BHAND JAMEE_AI..........." every day and especially when you feel he or the family is attacking you. Put your upset into singing and reciting these words of Guru Nanak about the woman....and feel a shield of protection around you supporting your grace. This is the best advice that Guru has given for women. Use it daily and let me know how you do. Divorcing is not a solution. Let me know how you do, God bless you, SK

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Angry Husband (10/13/2011)
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