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Summary of Question:Asa Di Var By Bhai Davinder Singh Sodhi
Date Posted:Thursday, 10/23/2008 7:58 PM MDT

Waheguru ji ka khalsa shri waheguru ji ki fateh !

A couple of years ago, I used to listen to Asa di Var by Bhai Davinder Singh Sodhi every day off and it brightened up my day.. Its been many months now and have not been able to hear it anymore :(.. Seems like the shabad has been taken off the website.. :(

Have tried hard to buy it in stores and searched the internet as well, without success.. If someone out there has this shabad, please do share or point me to some place where I can get this ! Its Asa Di Var by Bhai Davinder Singh Sodhi around 2 hours long..

Thanks a lot in advance.
Does anyone have this all you Youth Forum readers?


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Asa Di Var By Bhai Davinder Singh Sodhi (10/23/2008)
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