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Summary of Question:Banis
Date Posted:Friday, 2/13/2009 12:17 PM MST

Sat sri akal,

I have been listening to the 5 morning banis as I drop my son off to school and as I make my way to work.
The issue that I have is that as I start the morning prayer, I may have to stop the car to drop my kid off and then listen again as I get to work. It is hard at times to fully listen to all the banis in one sitting as my line of work involves going to differrnt places and I listen to the banis as I do my daily chores at work.
For example, I may start off by listening to Japji sahib ji, but after listening to the first five pauris, I may stop my car to drop my kid off and then listen again when I get back into my car.

Am I disrespecting the pure banis by doing this way? I am asking God ji to please forgive me for all my mistakes.

Please advise.

Dear one,
Please do not blame your child for your problem with your nitnem.
Better would be for you to rise earlier (Amrit Vela- 5-7 am) and fully absorb yourself in reciting and listening deeply without interruption. The time to do nitnem takes less than one hour.

Be more creative as a woman. You have the capacity. Accept the challenge. Recite Jap Ji out loud while preping the food and let the vibration enter the food you make for your children. Recite in the shower in the morning as you do ishnan. I can tell you many things to do. However, the challenge is your to
master. No one can say what you are doing is fine and do not worry. Take the time to give yourself the best. Even if it there is only one bani you do with full full concentration and it...and get a good experience from that.

You must take time for yourself and give to yourself in meditation as food. Then you are able to give abundently to your loved ones.


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Banis (02/13/2009)
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