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Summary of Question:Help Me With The Bani, Please
Date Posted:Saturday, 3/03/2001 11:01 AM MST

Sat Sri Akaal everyone

I have a question and hope you could help me. I was listening to the Mool Mantra sung by Dya Singh ( Australia). I understand the Mool Mantra but there are words on which I need help. If you listen to this audio which is available through this website( Multimedia Archive-Gurbani Kirtan)then you would notice that there are words which are said in one rhythm (It has some words like Koey Kah na sakat, sumat etc. sorry if i am wrong) I don't understand them. If somebody knows the exact words could you please post it here alongwith the transliteration and translation? please could you also post the source of this Bani? I can only make out few words like Indra Indrasan and Sumat. I will await your response.
Thank you for your time.
Waheguru Jee Kaa Khalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh

Greetins and blessings to you.

Just before the Muhl Mantra.....Dya singh recites the invocation of Jaap Sahib just prior to the Muhl Mantra:

"Chakara chahin ar baran jaat ar paat nahin jeh."
"Roop rang ar rekh bekh ko-uu keh naa sakat keh".
"Achal moorat anabav prakaash amatoj kahejay"
"Kot indra indraan saa-heh saahaan ganajai"
"Trabhavan maheep sur nar asur nayt nayt ban trin kahet"
"Tav sarab naam kathai kavan karam naam barmat sumat"

You can look in your Nitnem and find the words there.

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Help Me With The Bani, Please (03/03/2001)
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