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Summary of Question:Practicies For Toddlers
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Monday, 12/15/2008 9:21 AM MST


We are blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. Elder one is turning 3 in January and the younger one is 18 months. Guru Ji's blessings that at the time of their birth we were in the Sangat of many Chardi Kalaa Gursikhs. We practice our Nitnem at home as much as we are able to including my number one hobby is doing Keertan on Vajja at home. We get up to an alarm system, which is a 5 Mp3 CD changer and plays random Shabads from all the CDs. Our elder one has started speaking and has started picking up Shabad lines from CDs being played early morning, even though she is sleeping at that time, but seems like her brain is logging in. She keeps reciting some lines by herself here-n-there. She sits with me when I am playing Vajja and she is picking up the idea, style and love. The younger one, though she cannot speak, but sits with folded hands and with her little Chunni (how cute) and pretend that she is also singing. May be she is, but we are not understanding.
Children come from a very orginal and spiritual space...especially babies....keep playing the kirtan in the home in the car and immerse them in it. Speak to them about God. Do your sadhana and give them meditations and yoga to do as well. Play the DVD for thme all the time. They do understand and the more you immerse them the stronger their concept will be as they mature and get bomnbarded with all the outside material and emotional stimulous. SK

I was wondering if there are any specific guidelines, Yoga exercises and/or Bani practices for these kind of active toddlers. We received a gift from Kartar Singh Khalsa and Shakta Kaur Khalsa, the DVD they just came up with for children. I don't know how early we can start on these excercises. I would love them to be on track as early as possible.

Your suggestions will be grately appreciated.

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Practicies For Toddlers (12/15/2008)
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