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Summary of Question:Faith
Date Posted:Monday, 4/06/2009 12:35 PM MDT

Hi Guruka

Hope you are well I met you at Sikh Camp and it was my pleasure! I have jusat recently lost my job after working and committing towards it for the last 10 months and feel injustice as I wanted to apply for it but didnt get to do it. I feel disheartened that I lost the job and people whom I worked within that time.
In addition I felt emotions for someone for a long time who I still feel connected towards and is aware of how I feel however rejected at the time in which I disclosed my feelings.

I personally feel that my life has fallen apart slightly, I am tring to be proactive and positive as much as I can
It is very disheartening to loose your job. Do not take it so personally though. Good people everywhere are loosing their jobs for no fault other than the economy has gone bad. Hold your head up and continue to associate with you co-workers if this is supportive. But put yourself into your devotion and use your thoughts and find the many things you can be grateful for. SK

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Faith (04/06/2009)
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