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Summary of Question:Learning Punjabi
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/12/2009 6:33 PM MDT


I am hoping that as many youth and adults as possible will be sending emails to language instruction software giant Rosetta Stone, to build a punjabi language program. We DO NOT HAVE ANY ADEQUATE PUNJABI LANGUAGE instruction as of yet. Googling letters and some images is not enough. This company is the leader in language instruction and will listen to our call for Punjabi. I have been asking for five years, but they continue to say that there is not enough interest.

We have over 90million people who speak Punjabi, we need to have language instruction for our youth and adults who want to learn punjabi.

Again I repeat the basic sites on-line are absolutely inadequate for successful instruction, and many people do not have access to punjabi professors at their local Gurdwaras. We are a wonderful people and have a wonderful language.

I have seen countless webpages that have young and old alike asking for punjabi learning products, and there are only simple basic programs that are not technologically advanced enough to encourage learning. Rosetta stone has this software already and it would not be hard for them to implement but they need to know how much we want this. Euro-talks program is not adequate and is too basic to grasp this beautiful language. Rosetta stones Hindi program is wonderful, but I as well as others don't want to compromise and learn Hindi, we want to learn our mother tongue - PUNJABI.

I promise all of you, the future generations, including my wife and I will thank you.

link is at

Satnam Shamdeep Kaur ji,

Where you reside has great bearing on this topic. Learning Punjabi script for reading nitnem is faily do-able if you are in Los Angeles or New York or Espanola as there are teahers there. As for learning conversational Punjabi...immersion is the best......SKK

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