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Summary of Question:Thank You
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/22/2001 7:38 AM MST

Dear sikhnet,

i would like to thank you so much for helping me and i am feeling much better.
but there is another problem. when i was young i used to be very shy and never talked to girls and didn't socialze much and was very narrowminded. i would like to know how i can be more open-minded and to sociaalize. also i do not play much sports, i like to play but felt very shy to play because people would laugh, that's what i thought. thanks alot
You are growing up and transforming into someone special and important. You can change your habit of thinking of yourself as someone shy and unimportant. Be special and important to yourself by thinking kind thoughts about yourself.

When you feel yourself wanting to connect with someone and feel some anxiety...do this:
Inhale deeply hold the breath for a moment and ever so slowly exhale through your nose. This is how you gain composure. Before you speak say to yourself,"in the name of Guru Ram Das I bless you, bless you bless you". Then speak and all will flow and glow for you. Just watch and see how easy it becomes.

About sports, play because you enjoy playing. Bike riding, jogging, tennis, and walking are all personal activities that make you feel good. Tennis, racket ball, squash develop comraderie as well as getting exercise. If these do not interest you, then take up 'martial arts' like karate or aikido. These will give you confidence and strength as well as courage. Guru Gobind Singh gave us the command to learn to defend ourselves and others. Laughter is just laughter, it builds endorphans and gives health. You should laugh too.

God bless you

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Thank You (02/22/2001)
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