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Summary of Question:I Am Completely Failed To Understand Sikhism !!!
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 12/15/2008 10:41 PM MST


I am a Sikh by birth basically the reason why i am writing this because i really do not want to be a part of sikhism however in my early childhood i barely got any kind of teachings of sikhism from anybody but i have been wearing a turban from my childhood however now i realised that it has been imposed on me by my family as forced by other Sikh parents as well, to show this world that we are different... so i start researching of my own on Sikh History on google what i concluded is 500 years of loosing all battles in every front.. If i start from guru's they were murdered by mughals, so the guruship put to an end even after banda singh bahadur was murdered, Britishers
conquered punjab again a big defeat, then early 20th century some brahmins murdered hundreds of Sikhs as they were doing leasures in gurudwara nankana sahib,, After that In the Independence movement 82% of the people murdered and executed by britishers were Sikhs Moreover than that In the partition of India Punjab was devided in two parts and again a HUGE masacre of SIKHS, After that in 1984 thousands of Sikhs were murdered due to movement supressed by Indian govt however Now at Current SIKHS are bunch of Jokers in India As i was reading in some of the blogs that if a sardar is not there a joke cannot be completed.

please go through this link of BBC at the end it also says that SIKHS are nothing more than a sector of HIndus.

I had a word with my cousins and friends in gurudwara they all really dont like to wear turban however they are wearing it for the sake of their family .In United States Sikhs are experiancing hate crimes, verbal humiliation same is the case in France ,Canada, Europe, Australia etc.

So what i have decided that I am not a looser, so I will not follow Sikhism ..
Rather than that i will follow Christanity i got one life and i will live it peacefully because i am sick of the Sikhs struggles,, Human life is not more than 70-80 years so why should i waste rest of my life in struggle ..
My life is a gift of God so i will live it the way i want Lord will help everyone !!!!!!!!!
I hope you will agree with my Point.


As I am a Sikh and love it, I do not agree with your point of view that Sikhs are a bunch of loosers. It is unfortunate that in India, there is so much hypicracy around Sikhism. So, I agree with you in that. Have you visited the Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar. They will inspire you there. On the other hand, religion is a very personal thing. If you have studied the scriptures of both the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and the Bible and then decide that Christianity is best for you, great.

If you would really like to examine your Sikh heritage before you decide, come to Miri Piri Camp in Espanola, New Mexico this June. You will meet Sikh youth from all over the world and can discuss all of your issues...and you will have an experience of the Guru. You owe that to your lineage. At least go to Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar. Then decide.

Bless you in your decision. JJK

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I Am Completely Failed To Understand Sikhism !!! (12/15/2008)
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