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Summary of Question:Wearing Of A Bracelet?
Date Posted:Friday, 1/26/2001 11:28 PM MST


If the kada has it's significance(scientifically) for strengthening our electromagnetic field then why can't we wear a iron or steel bracelet instead?
The kada(religiously)was given to us by Guru Gobind Singh Ji as a part of our rehit but, the kirpan was also given to us of a specific size which over the years has shortened to a small size then why can't we wear bracelets instead of the kada??(knowing the fact that we shouldn't wear ornaments for fashion but, why can't we just wear a bracelet?)

Gunangad Singh

There's a whole other aspect to your question. You only asked about "scientifically" and "spiritually". What is important is what's in your own mind. What is your isht? Your isht is what is sacred to you. You create the sacred space in your own consciousness. The five K's are your altar that you carry with you every day. Your isht. It is how you RELATE to your kara that matters. It is the sacredness of your relationship to your Guru. It is not a bracelet. It is not for appearance or for others to see. It is your bana. It is your isht.


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Wearing Of A Bracelet? (01/26/2001)
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