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Summary of Question:Career Options Shut
Date Posted:Sunday, 1/28/2001 11:46 AM MST

Hi well dont u think that career options like modelling and film careers have been shunted being a sikh. Well I have a height of 6 feet 3 inches and a perfect physique,as per my friends,I can be a perfect model and go into acting.but inhibitions are lot of hair on my face ,rather covering one accepts us as models. No offences but dont the hair and turban act as impediments to a budding career.

Please comment.
Well I thank god for everything I have got but this question lingers on my brain for long.please dont reply in a way that there are many better lines and career options and dont disparage modelling as such.your reply should be as objective as it could be.I wanna be a model what should I do???
Thank u
A Sikh man with a beard and turban is quite a great and attractive sight. So, what a challange you have to sell the concept of a Sikh male model for some innovative company. Why not!

I have an American friend who is a model with a beard and turban. I also have friends who have acting portfolio's and are on call for appropriate parts. You can do it....your opportunities will be more specific...why not live up to this challange and live in your identity too.

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Career Options Shut (01/28/2001)
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