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Summary of Question:Significance Of The Kada
Date Posted:Thursday, 1/25/2001 2:00 PM MST


What is the significance(both scientifically & religiously)of wearing a kada besides it being one of the 5K's?Also who gave us the kada & which metal is the kada actually supposed to be?

***** REPLY *****

Hundreds of years ago, slaves wore an iron ring to indicate their servitude. We wear the kara to indicate that we serve only the One Infinite God, and that we bow to no man. Spiritually it is a wedding ring for our marriage with God.

Guru Gobind Singh instituted the kara as part of our rehit. The kara is made of iron or steel only. Scientifically, keeping iron and steel on our body strengthens our electromagnetic field.


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Significance Of The Kada (01/25/2001)
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