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Summary of Question:Powerful Prayers
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/17/2008 4:18 PM MST

SSA ji!

..I am soon turning 27 years old and I am very ready to get married, but neither my family or I have been successful finding a suitable lifepartner for me. This is stressing my parents a lot, and even I get tensed, and beacuse of this I did the stupidest thing ever..I started to look for answer through astrology. I knew that I shouldn't be doing it as a sikh, but still I managed to order a report about timing marriage and life after it through an Indian astro site. Ofcourse, this report revealed things that I really didn't want to says that I am "manglik" in nature which will invariably lead to delay and postponement in my marriage. There will also be problems in love relationship and intimate relationship – to the extent of permanent physical separation from partner. There will also be to minor delay and complications in matters related to conception and childbirth, and marital life will be subjected to instances of permanent physical separation from spouse – like that of divorce.

I really regret that I ordered this report - this i not how I want my life to turn out! I really realy want to get married now, settle down and have kids..I know that as sikhs we are not meant to beleive in stuff like this, but it is still bothering me..what should i do??

I want to ask God to help me with this, and help me find my soul mate as soon as there any path I can do to make this happen? I really need help to get this wish fulfilled..I am hoping it is in God's will that i will ge married soon. What can I do? Is there any path my mum can do for making this happen? She is really stressed about not finding a boy for me, it's having a bad effect on her health. Even family and other people keep on asking my parents about this and stressing them about the fact that their daughter is getting way passed the age for marriage. No one is actually helping out in this matter even when my parents ask people for suggestions about suitable matches. I hate seeing this, as I know they get depressed and even more stressed and I feel gulity that they have to go through all of this because of me. I mean, there is nothing wrong with me..Im a decent punjabi girl born and brught up in Europe, educated and working. They have all reasons to be proud of me, and they are..but the fact that Im not getting married is a big burden on them, and I dont want to be a burden on them anymore!

I am in need of powerful prayers..
My dear, Please clear yourself of negativity of your mind. Start doing the "Mangala Saaj bha-aa prabh anpana....." This shabd is for developing happiness in your life. When you feel and experience contentent with yourself all will come in due time.

Parents being overconcerned is their choice but do not get sucked into that worried state.Let you Mom do 11 recitations of Sopurkh for you daily.

Be happy, be grateful and all will come to you. Relax, rejoice and stop looking. Leave that to Wahe Guru.

Blessings to you, SK

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