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Summary of Question:Praying
Date Posted:Friday, 2/02/2001 5:26 PM MST


i have a question regarding praying. After i do the Jap Ji Shaib, i stand up and pray to God. i do my own prayer in that i ask for things, such as help in a test or forgivness etc, i was wondering if this is right, or is there another way to do this, or not at all. Thank you for your time and help
Greetings and blessings to you. Prayer is when you talk to God. A Hukam is when God talks to you.

Your prayer to God is a very personal dialogue. You can use the Sikh Ardas and remember the 10 Guru's etc. Yet, this is not required in your own personal relationship. You decide.

Being prayerful and remembering your Creator with grace and gratitude is a wonderful daily practice to have. You are very blessed to have this. Keep up!!!!

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Praying (02/02/2001)
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