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Summary of Question:Imprint On Men
Date Posted:Saturday, 9/05/2009 12:44 PM MDT


I was interested in DKK's reponse to a girl who was considering sex with her partner. I found it interesting what you said about the father imprinting on the child. How much influence does the mother have on the child? Is it just in the first 3 years? that's it? Why does the mans imprint stay with the child its whole life but the mothers only the first 3 years? I thought the women were stronger..

What are the effects of sex on men? For exmaple on women there seems to be a lot - the baggage we carry, but what about men? What if he has had many partners? Would a womens imprint stay with him? If his father was a guy who went with many women, would he be likely to so footloose? What if a guy was like that, but then took amrit, would all the effects go? Would the bad imprints of his dad go?

I hope you may answer these questions, its quite worrying. Sorry for asking so many questions.

Sat Nam,

All of your questions are very valid and good. Try to think about the nature of energy. All people coming in to contact imprint on each other one way or another. We attach invisible energetic cords to each other for many different reasons sometimes good and other times not so good. We send each other anger or love all the time and even if we don't see the effects of it all the people we feel or think strongly about feel our current of energy. Good or bad... there is a constant exchange of things going back and forth. It is not always by means of cords. Sometimes it can be little, or not so little, 'chunks' of energy stuck in our aura, ark line and even physical body. Some connections are very welcome and wanted, others we would love to live without.

If you are really interested there are many books out that explain all kinds of connections with people. I recommend checking out Barbara Brennan's book on healing energy. She even has pictures of these kinds of things to help you visualize it better.

Both parents imprint on a child in many, many different ways. Both parents can cause a lot of fundamental damage or imprint some very beautiful things on their children any time during the child's life, mainly before the age of 21. So the responsibility is very high for both parents at any time.

What I was describing was the subtle energy that imprints on a woman's aura, Ark Line and Subtle body. By nature woman's energy imprint is a lot more complex than a man's. This kind of energy has both sides of complexity primitively speaking and very sophisticated. If a man has sex with a woman his aura loses her energy within a month. Primitively speaking if a man keeps spreading his seed to a lot of women he does not transfer other woman's energy on to the next one because his aura does not have the capacity to hold it. It is not as strong. You have to think of a simple nature and relationship of Egg and a Sperm. Sperm has a very simple goal in its existence. It is the one that penetrates the egg and egg is the one that contains and works with both energies to create a baby. By the same principle man's energy penetrates woman's energy field and stays there. It is the woman who contains the man and not the other way around.

Egg carries a lot more responsibility and is responsible for the whole process of union of both energies.

If a woman has sex with a man she caries herself, the man and the baby. A woman has the capacity to contain her whole family, keep it together and guide the psyche of the whole family. Her complex energy makes her a lot more powerful than a man. Unfortunately we don't always see it, respect it or consider it when making important choices in life. In this world as it has been for the last couple of thousand of years physical energy has ruled over the subtlety. People have forgotten to respect the power of a woman and a woman has been taught that she is inferior to a man. Fortunately all of that is gradually changing now because we are transitioning to a new age. In the age of Aquarius the whole humanity will learn to appreciate the power of a woman all over again.

On a much more sophisticated level we need to understand that we are very conscious beings and have to make very conscious choices. We build families where both parents take equal responsibilities for the good of their children on many levels. There are men who love and honor their wives or beloved women even without knowing all the energetic details of the situation. But if you look around not all people are yet of the same opinion on the situation. That is why we need to be very educated on what happens when we act irresponsibly. We can make better choices for ourselves and know how to correct our mistakes by cleansing and healing our energy fields.

So to come back to the original issue. The imprint that a man creates without ever knowing a child, or participating in their life, or being able to effect them in any other way is very karmic. The sperm carries physical karma that is given to the baby but the energetic imprint may carry his trauma, his personality problems, including a lot of his family problems and patterns. And that goes for every partner a woman had.

Now the question is, does a child really needs father's issues imprinted on them? Of course not, but it does not have a choice. That is why it is so important to pick a father for your child who is consciously working on his issues himself and is not eager to hang them on his family. He can insure that by doing kirtan, attending Gurdwara, doing yoga, meditating and engaging in all sorts of wholesome spiritual practices to benefit his whole family. I believe that taking Amrit is quite a blessing but it does not ensure a man's life after that. He still needs to lead a very balanced, responsible and spiritual life through out.

If a man is very promiscuous it will still effect the children and the wife no matter what in a very negative way. A woman always knows when a man is cheating on her because she contains his energy and knows what is going on with him even if she is in denial of it. Children feel their mother being unhappy and that greatly effects their development for a very long time. And lastly, children feel as well when a father is not really present in their life the way he should be and that can be very, very damaging to them.

Of course it is not fair that a woman carries so much more responsibility in this life in so many ways, but there are a lot more benefits that she gets from it as well by having the privilege of carrying the child within herself, by being able to effect her whole families life through her own spiritual practice so much easier and deeper than any man could ever wish for. Women feel God come through them without much effort because they are so much deeper and more spiritual than a man.

I hope this clarifies things for you.

Lots of Love,


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