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Summary of Question:Very Jealous Brother And Sister
Date Posted:Monday, 7/19/2010 12:06 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akal,

I have a younger brother and sister who try to make my life difficult in every way possible. My sister is the one responsible for turning my brother against me who has forgotton all the good things I have done for him. She is a very jealous and manipulative excuse for a human being. I know I should not think this but for over ten years now (from being 13) I honestly believe that my parents and I would be much happier if she was dead. She tries to cause conflict wherever possible. She physically hits me but gets away with it becuase she always shouts so my parents let her get away with it. She does so much behind their back yet tries to blackmail me when I haven't even done anything. She is jealous because I study away from home and she works so lives at home and our parents are strict. However in reality, I spend my time studying, volunteering and seeing friends. She is the one who goes clubbing and on holidays abroad. I'm not sure what to do because each time I am home I get so upset that I don't like spending time with my family anymore but its all down to her. I know that she will never change. What prayer can I say so that I am happy and that my parents ignore her words and a prayer for her to stop causing me trouble and to stop trying to cause conflict. I know you shouldn't pray for bad things to happen to someone but I don't want things to go well in her life because she alwys says she wants me to fail at everything I do.

Sat Nam,
Things like this may happen in every family.
There are a couple of Shabads you can do but it may take a while to bring some resolution.
GAREEBAA UPAR JI DHINJAI DAAREE - to dissolve animosity
KAL KALAYS GUR SHABAD NIVAARAY - to eliminate conflicts & build peaceful environments
AAP SAHAA-EE HO-AA - one's enemies shall melt like ice cream under the heat of the sun.

In general it helps to wish your sister well against all odds, no matter how horrible she gets even if it gets worse for a while.
Remember that time may heal many different things. Try sitting down with your sister when she is most agreeable and asking her what is the problem. She may reveal some things in her life that you never knew about but it will add to your understanding of who she is and why she does the things she does. Be very patient. When people act out like this it means there is a great pain hiding inside of them somewhere and if you are patient and loving enough them may tell you and let you help them resolve their problem.


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Very Jealous Brother And Sister (07/19/2010)
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