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Summary of Question:Re : Raj Karega Khalsa
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/03/2008 9:01 PM MDT

Hi Thank you Sikhnet I got the answer when i tried to find so just wanna

share with you as you showed me this path !!! Thank you !!!

i got the a answer, Ruling the world or a peace of land will never gonna satisfy any person , satisfaction is something linked to inner feeling,
This material world is just like a big trap that holds the person until
death and does not allow one to go out of it, and does not matter how
a human lives the fate is the only truth, nobody can escape from it who so ever
born in this world , it all depends on our karma , our good deeds that goes along with!!!

so RAJ KAREGA KHALSA means any person on the earth who truly follow the guidelines of Khalsa will rule himself..

Aki Rahe na Koi : A person who has no desire could not have any enemy.

Khoar hoi sab milenge : All separated shall be reunited as all those who come out of the tyranny of birth and death shall be reunited.

bache sharan jo hoi: All those who have surrender themselves to the gurus will
get this chance !!!

Thanks JJK and Sikhnet
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!!!

Answer of Question asked

Sat Nam. The challenge here is that you are not going within to find the answer for your self. You have gotten various answers...all good and thoughtful. There can be many interpretations to scriptures of all disciplines. Meditate and go within. What does all of this mean for you...right now in your life? It may change. Your identity has to come from within. It is not for anyone outside of you to decide. Use your breath to go within, chant God's name, become very quiet and listen to what your soul is trying to tell you. If you are always going outside of you for the answers, your soul won't be heard...there's way too much chatter to hear it. Go within and listen. In Japji Sahib, Pauris 8-11 it beautifully tells us to listen. Then starting in Pauri 12 it tells us to obey what we hear. Go within and listen. You will get all of your answers there. Try doing Pauris 8-11 eleven times a day for forty days and see what happens in your life. So it sincerely with the intention of hearing the answers. Many blessings, JJK

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh ji

First of all i am Thankful to Sikhnet for creating such a nice Platform for
all of us to ask some questions and Please accept my apology as your reply to
my previous question about Khalsa makes me more confused , i have never experianced spiritual state of khalsa, Request you to put some light on that??

what a normal person can understand from the gurbani are as follows:

Raj karega khalsa - Khalsa will rule
Aki rahe na koi - there will be no enemy left
Khoaar hoi sab milenge - all seprated will be reunited
bache sharan jo hoi- those who will be left in guru's sharan

On the other hand Sri guru gobind singh ji also said :
Khalsa mero roop hai khaas khalsa mein hi karoon nivaas
"Khalsa is my special identity and i live in khalsa"

I dont know why i am stuck in this question , i repeatedly ask this
questions to many elders but didnt get any kind of satisfactory reply
because one answer doesnt matches with another one everybody has different
openion about this question...

Some elders say when we will be 960 million then Khalsa raj will come and all seprated will be reunited on the other hand some people say we have to follow the gurus path and create the khalsa raj as these are our gurus words so thats why we have to follow it ,I asked this question to myself that if khalsa is a spiritual state but the next question raised was that then why there is a need to have AKAL TAKHT , then why a Sikh should learn martial art if it is a spiritual state of mind?? Some say Khalsa is about purity and truth anyone has a pure soul will gonna rule, Now the new thing that comes out is the spiritual nation that Khalsa is spiritual state of mind.

As it is already mentioned in one of your reply about Raj karega Khalsa that khalsa is the spiritual nation or world of people in the condition (or state of mind),,,
Please accept my apology once again i am completely failed to understand about the concept of spiritual nation.

I would really appreciate your reply as this answer is very important for me
as a Sikh coz i on a place where i have to decide what i am gonna be ....

Guru fateh !!!


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