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Summary of Question:Does Gurbani Say That Leave Maya And Moh Of Ur Family & Concentrate Only On God
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/31/2010 9:36 PM MDT

Khalsa jeo,

Does gurbani say that we have to leave all our attachments and worldly pleasures to do simran and pathh ? Please cite some lines in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji , that say that ignoring one's family to do pathh is also not the right way.
One has to provide emotional support to the family that is dependent on them.


Sat Nam,
I don't think I can cite something for you at the moment but here a few things you need to know.
Sikhism is a household path so living in the world with your family is very important. When you see in Gurbani words saying you need to leave your family and concentrate on God it is usually referred to a stage of your spiritual growth. For some it may actually meant that they do need to leave their family for a while to help them go within and connect to own soul without worldly distractions. For others it may mean that they need to give them self's sacred time during the day to meditate and go deep within themselves in that way. Another interpretation may be that you need to clear all your family karma on your own path. I am sure you can find other interpretations in your heart as well.
Another thing to remember is that you family does not always need your emotional support. If your emotional support will feed their insecurities it will not actually serve them. It is good to support them in their positive endeavors and not give too much energy to the negativity. Even in times of grief you need to be uplifting them but not doing all the work yourself.
So there is no need to ignore them, but you need to be selective in what kind of support you want to provide.


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Does Gurbani Say That Leave Maya And Moh Of Ur Family & Concentrate Only On God (03/31/2010)
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