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Summary of Question:Whether I Did Right
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 11/05/2008 5:07 AM MST

hi i am 28 yrs old girl , who is very career oriented and educated girl, 3yrs bak my parent got me engagaed with a guy from their relatives who was a graduate and running his dad business and living in small town.They had a good family and rich people and amritdhari.Well i never wanted to get married with a business man and if i would have got marrioed with him i would have to live in small town and would not be allowed to work.Well the boy was fine and family was good , but i canceled my marriage , i broke my engagaement because i wanted to achieve something in my life.Did i do right


Satnam ji,

What you did is done. So it was right for you at that time.
Now that you have some distance on it perhaps you can see that you can do something with your life
where ever you may be. There is a value to family and support. There is also a value to career. You made the choice. Value your choice and continue with your life with gratitude and let Guru guide you.
Life is so much more fulfilling when you include your spiritual practice and service to sou with Guru's guidence.

God bless you,


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Whether I Did Right (11/05/2008)
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