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Summary of Question:Suicide
Date Posted:Friday, 5/19/2000 7:22 PM MDT

What does the guru granth saibh say about suicide? what happens?

How can i make my life better?


Dear One,
Sat Siri Akaal.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib tells us that our lives are for remembering God, and that each of us has a destiny recorded from the beginning. So, when we take our own lives, we cut short our path to destiny. Moreover, we have to start our existences over. Siri Guru says we have 8.4 lakhs of existences; do you really want to start them over?

You can make your life better in MANY ways. Start by practicing bani, simran and seva. Get someone to do it with you if you can. Practice in English or Gurmukhi, whichever works for you. Start with one bani/day, and really learn it. Search this website for a beautiful English translation of Japji Sahib by SS Guruka Singh. Print it out and use that.

Seva is wonderful because it pulls you out of yourself. For example, volunteer at a free/soup kitchen after school. Or if you are really good at some subject (whether or not you ace it) you can tutor someone younger than you who needs help with it. Or get involved in extra-curricular activities (I cannot tell if you are in highschool or college) where you can exercise your mind/body in non-academic ways.

I highly recommend as well that you try to take a yoga class or at least get yourself on a regular exercise or sports regimen. Exercise is excellent for lifting one from depression and team sports is very good for raising self esteem. Yoga can help balance the brain/mind. You can look for yoga classes here or maybe you know of some in your area (not sure where you live).

Also, a really good meditation to do for peace of mind is "Kirtan Kriya". Please search this Youth forum using these two keywords, and you will find an explanation of this meditation. Regular practice will help you lift yourself out of this.

If you have a sangat/gurdwara community, think seriously about getting involved in youth activities there (or start one!). Being around sangat also does wonders for lifting spirits, and you will not feel so isolated.

God bless you with a fantastic life!

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Suicide (05/19/2000)
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