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Summary of Question:Nanak Naam Chardi Kalaa, Tere Bhane Sarbat Ka Bhala
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 4/06/2001 3:44 PM MDT

Could you please provide a translation to "Nanak naam chardi kalaa, tere bhane sarbat ka bhala" as well as a deeper meaning to it. This is the last sentence of ardas isn't it, or is the closing of the akhand path.



Yes, it is the end of our Ardas and it distinguishes us as Sikhs from Bhaktis in general. Bhakti is about one's personal and intimate relationship with God. But Guru Nanak Dev Ji went past that to include everyone in the world. As Sikhs, we pray not just to merge with God, but that everyone in the world be blessed to experience this. The word "Naam" in Siri Guru Granth Sahib is often misunderstood. "Naam" means "identity" (name). The concept of "Sat Nam" is the concept of realizing and experiencing one's True Identity, i.e., God.

I translate this beautiful couplet as follows:

"Oh, Nanak! Those who know their True Identity live in excellence and ecstasy!
Through the power of your Bani, may everyone in the world be blessed to live in this way!"

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Nanak Naam Chardi Kalaa, Tere Bhane Sarbat Ka Bhala (04/06/2001)
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