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Summary of Question:Can You Actually Lose Your Soul
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Thursday, 12/04/2003 4:01 PM MST

Hi there,

I am at the lowest point in my life right now and I don’t know to pick my self and get back on the track. Everything that I believed in has been proven wrong I am not even sure if I believe that god exists anymore. I had a really weird dream one time, it felt so real. I had dreamt that my soul was sucked out of me. And I found my self-walking around lost in a very scary place. All this happen because I was arranged to this guy to get married to by my parents and I actually fell in love with him too. But I had so my doubts in my mind about this and that what made me over stressed and things between families were not going right either. It broke of in a very bad way. And I keep on thinking I should done this of that to make it work maybe that what god wanted it to work and I did not pass the test that he had put me through, I feel like god is punishing me for that and I don’t know how to fix this. I feel as if that something was supposed to happen and it did not happen, and I blame my self for that. Please let me know what should I do. Does everything that happens, happens because it is suppose to happen.

(REPLY) Sat Nam. No, you cannot lose your soul. Your dream was a reflection of worries and fears in your subconscious. Eveverything that happens to us in life is an opportunity to learn, to grow, to improve as human beings. We all make mistakes, and painful as it may be at the time, that is one way we learn to do better in future. God does NOT punish anyone. The law of action and reaction (karma) can bring us pain, so actually, we punish ourselves by reaping the results of our own actions. So, stop blaming yourself, and move on. Pray for guidance as to what you should do at this point in your life. Meditate and chant God's Name, and try to live your life as am example of grace, dignity and righteousness, as a daughter of Guru Gobind Singh. Nothing lasts forever, except God and Guru. Blessings, SP

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Can You Actually Lose Your Soul (12/04/2003)
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