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Summary of Question:What Paath Should We Do When We Are Really Upset
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Thursday, 9/03/2009 2:26 PM MDT

I believe in Waheguruji alot. But all my life has really been very tough, ive had a bad childhood, a bad teenagehood and now im turning 21 in a few days. I am really upset I have always felt I am not good enough for anyone on Earth but now im feeling that I am not good enough for Waheguru ji as well. I need to do a paath to get over this feeling. I want to be happy. I have been praying continuosly asking wahegurji for salvation but I havent got it. Please help me. Thanks

Sat nam. Any paath done regularly and as a repetition can calm the mind. However, I believe Sukhmani is particularly good for healing emotional imbalance, but it should be done daily for at least 40 days, if not forever.
Guru ang sang,

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What Paath Should We Do When We Are Really Upset (09/03/2009)
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