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Summary of Question:Are There Differences Between The Adi Granth And The Current Guru Granth Sahib?
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Monday, 8/17/2009 3:10 PM MDT

Wanted to learn of the differences of the adi granth compiled by Guru Arjan Dev ji,and the current Guru Granth Sahib dictated by Guru Gobind Singh and written by Bhai Mani Singh. Are there parts that are left out? I know about the additions, mainly the Poems of Guru Tegh Bahadur, but why wouldn't he just make those changes himself? I know there are a couple of copies that still exist today, and there are some differences. One difference being the deletion of a part where guru arjan dev describes how he shaved guru hargobind's hair when he was a baby, this was left out by Guru Gobind Singh in the current GGS. I am not challenging anything here, all i want is a healthy discussion on why he felt that his grandfathers, and great grandfathers description of this event was not suited to be read in generations to come. Thanks.

Sat nam. The Adi Granth was the Siri Guru before (1) addition of 9th Guru's bani by his son, and (2) before Guruship was bestowed on the Adi Granth, making it the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. All 10th Guru added was the bani of his father the 9th Guru. 5th Guru compiled the Granth, and knew that it would be added to by a Guru who came after him. Bir of (one of) the original Adi Granth's is at Kartarpuri. The bir at Damdami is an original of the version recited by 10th Guru/ recorded by Bhai Mani Singh.
Whether or not Guru Arjun Dev actually shaved his son's hair is immaterial (if he literally did, it's possible it was for a medical purpose. It is also possible that the story you tell has passed down and that it may well be an allegory for 5th Guru removing his son's ego so he could be open and learn spiritually). Anyway, no matter the truth of the story, there was no rule that said that 5th Guru had to add that story into the Siri Guru. Moreover, if it was left out by a Guru, then why are you even questioning it in relation to the SGGS? Why is that important to Gurbani or to the Truth embodied in our Guru?

I have suggestions for you. One, get your facts straight. Go to the source -- there are many many reliable books on Sikhi out there. Look for Daljit Singh's book "Authenticity of Kartarpuri Bir".
Your request seems to overlook the essential value of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, which is Truth, Light, and Sound. So get yourself an SGPC-approved Bir and start a sehej paath. Or do one using SGGS online; Sikhnet has the entire SGGS online. Read SGGS from front to back for yourself. If you don't understand it, the English translation available on Sikhnet is the best of them available at this time. If you read Punjabi, there are even better books available that help interpret each and every shabd. Feel the sound current in your being and internalize the Truth of the shabd.
Guru ang sang,

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Are There Differences Between The Adi Granth And The Current Guru Granth Sahib? (08/17/2009)
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