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Summary of Question:Shall I Again For Keski
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/12/2009 10:17 AM MDT

I was a modern lady by outfits but i tied keski n join a simran jatha .n later i went in udasi which people say depression in english or in science .i lost my confidence and a lady who was all rounder was not able to move confidently every where.due to my health problem i removed keski and put my self in the fire of kalyug .later i faced many problems even and i worked in many serials too for that i went for waxing and eyebrows also .i am feeling shame to write all this but now i am associated with a sikh sanstha and again i did ardas and kept kakar but dint go for after seeing sikhi atmosphere in my office again i feel like to tie keski as i do kirtan too.what punishment will be for me and what is the gaurentee if now i will tie keski will remain with me till death .i dont want to be part of laughter in front of sikh community..pls help

Sat nam. Please study your Sikhi. Sikh faith is not about punishing or rules and regulations, it's about love for Guru. We all make mistakes or try things out that make us long for what we had and were. You punish yourself enough by your self-beration, God is just waiting for you to forgive yourself. If you are going to berate yourself, then others will too, and the cycle won't stop. So stop already. It's not the life you lead, it's the courage your bring to it. Do a Sehaj Paath of Siri Guru Granth (online if you have to) and take up a regular practice of naam simran. If you are choosing to be Sikh, act it and stop worrying about what others think. Guru ang sang,

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Shall I Again For Keski (05/12/2009)
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