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Summary of Question:Can Sehajdharis Recite Gurbani At The Guredwara Saheb
Date Posted:Sunday, 2/18/2001 11:20 AM MST

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa

Waheguru JI ki fateh

can sehajdharis recite gurbani at the Gurudwara Saheb except for the 5 Takht Sahebs ?
Anyone who can recite Gurbani with respect and devotion should do this. Why not?
Read Bani's read in the Akhand path. We are not bigoted and narrowminded people.
All can benefit from the power of Guru's bani.

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Can Sehajdharis Recite Gurbani At The Guredwara Saheb (02/18/2001)
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