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Summary of Question:Rituals
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Tuesday, 10/06/2009 9:55 AM MDT

Wjkk Wjkf

I was having a doubt about a ritual called "chaliya" here in india .Chaliya Means goin to gurdwara regularly for forty days without missing a single day .

My elders say do chaliya To gurdwara n your wishes will come true, u'll get a job blah blah !!!...So we as sikhs need to believe in these kinda things .This to me is just like doing buttering to god .IS it okay ???...



Sat Nam,

Number 40 is a very interesting number when you are counting days. That is how long it takes to create or break a habit. If you do anything for 40 days you are creating a new habit. If you do it for 90 days you are confirming a habit. At a 120 days mark is the time where your new habit becomes you. And it takes 1000 days to master something. If you pick something positive and uplifting in your life like going to Gurdwara for 40 days then you are just creating a nice positive flow of energy in your life. If you know that you need to get rid of a bad habit then it will take that long to consciously to work at it to break it.
Will going to Gurdwara as a ritual get you a new job??? ... Possibly... but I would not rely on it. As you know it may take a lot longer to get what you want in life regardless of any ritual. Rituals are only good when they help you attach yourself to something positive and once you are attached hopefully to realize that your life has improved and stick with the good habit. Sikhism and all the things it offers are just for you to develop good habits in life and have a very healthy spiritual lifestyle. And if you work at it then all the prosperity and happiness may just flow into your lap.
Sometimes people tell you one thing or another but you are the only one who can see how it really works.

Good Luck,

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