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Summary of Question:Forgivness
Date Posted:Saturday, 11/01/2008 3:25 AM MDT

question one -is there any prayer that u can do to earn forgivness, ask for forgivness,earnestly and plead with the guru through that prayer to forgive you and for letting him down continously

question 2- is there a way or practice or prayer that you can do to prevent youreslf from comiting the cardinal sin of kaam whenever it strikes, i keep on comiting in some what way adultery, and i am not married. although i am a doctor by profession but by nightfall the cape of kaam overwhelms me and i womanise and commit the ultimate showstopper and imbibe in sexual pleasure. i feel enourmously guilty and sick. i hate myself alot and have tried in vain to stop and divert my mind but i am failing miserabli. i feel very depressed and have conteplated suicide. i feel im letting my guru down despite all the blessings hes showered me. i feel dirty and low and cannot confide in nyone about this. i reaaly desperately want to stop and find myself.i know ill have to pay for what ive done but i just want to stop. ive tried doing seva, ive tried distracting my ind but all in vain. it seems im cursed with this habit. im so low in life. i dont understand why i should be doing this. i feeel i am a cheat to society i live two lives. and im sure ill get caught. i really am seeking direction fro the guru. please help. you can send a detailed amswer to my email address. ill be able to read it and comunicate. please i am hanging on a low line of life, my soul is dying. itll be dead before i know it.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh


Dear one,

Duality is very poisonous. At least you recognize you have a duality. Now deal with it and correct it. Just drop it.

Question #1. The shabd "Ram Das Sarovar Naatay...." should be recited daily
with full focus eleven times in succession or singing for 31 minutes.
Visualize yourself dipping in the nectar tank, letting the misdeeds etc
float off you and within you. Learn the meaning and visualize all while you are reciting.

Question #2 Get yourself under control. You need to exercise daily and sweat heavily for 45 minutes. You need to do Sat Kriya daily to control that energy. This kriya is desribed in the youth forum.
The more recerational sex you have the more you weaken yourself spilling all your vital force in abandon expression of your reproductive gifts. Do you want to be impotent in a few years? Marriage is normal in our way of life. You need to get married as part of your evolution of consciousness.

I reccomend that you also study and practice Kundalini Yoga DAILY. You need balance for your emotions, your chakara's and for your glandualr system. You are out oF BALANCE.

At night instead of going to clubs and partying and being on sexual prowl, go to the Gurdwara and do the shoe seva every firday and Saturday night. Serve and busy yourself and replace your bad habits with righteous habits.

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Forgivness (11/01/2008)
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