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Summary of Question:Start Sukhmani Sahib
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Monday, 8/31/2009 12:51 PM MDT

SSA, I want to start doing Sukhmani Sahib Paath. I want to know if there is any particular way to start the Paath. Do I have to make prasad and do a prayer as to what I want to ask for and then start the paath. How many days should I do it for? Should I do it for 41 or 51 days and does it matter if I do it in the English translation version? I can do it in the punjabi/english version but I don't understand it. Thanks in advance.

Sat nam. There is no maryada on reading Sukhmani that I know of. I recommend at least 40 days, and in the Gurmukhi because the sound current is so perfect. (Not that there is anything wrong with reciting in English.) Perhaps once a week you would read it in English to understand it. You also might find you that you understand the English better after you've recited the Gurmukhi for 40 days.
Guru ang sang,

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Start Sukhmani Sahib (08/31/2009)
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