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Summary of Question:Muslims Have Gurdwara Wedding Ceremony
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 8/26/2009 9:26 AM MDT

I Have a Friend Who was a sikh and converted to muslim because he wanted to marry a muslim girl 5 years after thier marriage , they want to perform a sikh wedding , without converting to sikh , is it allow ?

Sat nam. The Sikh wedding ceremony is beautiful, and it is also as serious as deciding to take Amrit. It's not about whether it's allowed, as no Sikh is in any position to tell someone they cannot come before Guru, period.
However, the couple involved needs to examine their motives. Circling the Guru is more than just a ceremony. It is a commitment to Guru, not just another ceremony for each other. So, it's 'allowed' but the Gurdwara management should make the couple involved go through ministerial counseling.
Guru ang sang,

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Muslims Have Gurdwara Wedding Ceremony (08/26/2009)
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