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Summary of Question:Amritvela Timing
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/14/2009 2:19 AM MDT

What time is Amritvela.I heard that it is between 3am to 6am before sunrise. But why do some say that the vela starts at midnight. Is it okay to recite the paaths at 4 or 5am..I have visiting many sites to find the answer but there are so many version.I am not sure.Pls enlighten me,tks

Amrit Vela is the nectar time 2 1/2 hours before and as the sun rises.
I have heard 3-6 am and 4-7am. Guru Ram Das gave the prescription in the Shabd: Gur Sat Gur Ka ji Sikh Akaa-ay, so balakay uta har naam dhiaaveh. So rise 3 or 4 or5 am and take your bath and recite your path and inspire others to do so. Just choose the time and do it consistently. You will know what is it when you experience it. The other morning I was up at 4 am getting ready for my practice and I could just feel the peace and beauty of the Golden Temple.

I know there are some groups that say it begins at midnight, but that makes Amrit Vela stretch into 6 to 7 hours and also ruins your work day energy.
Das Vandh is one Tenth of your earnings and Amrit Vela is one tenth of your day which is 2 1/2 hours. SK

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Amritvela Timing (07/14/2009)
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