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Summary of Question:Acceptance Of Naamdhari
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 4/11/2011 3:19 PM MDT


Recently on one blog i saw Yogi Bhajan's photo with Naamdhari Jagjit Singh, who claims to be the guru of the Sikhs. Then an article told me that Jagjit is an old friend of Yogi Bhajan. My question is that on one side Yogi Bhajan says that 'SGGS' is our Satguru and then he accepts the existence of Naamdhari. Isn't this like accepting another guy who tells you he is your father , when you already have a dad. I know of all the work Yogi ji did and i as a Sikh accept his teaching and practicing Yoga as a way to spread the Sikh faith but Yogi Bhajan's accepting Jagjit Namdhari as a friend is like accepting another guy as your father when your dad is alvie. Please respond, thiss is very important for me.
Dear one, Thank you for asking this. I understand your confusion. But I know from my travels with
Yogi Bhajan that none of us consider Jagjit Singh to be our Guru. Fact is that B. Jagjit Singh exists.
He is a leader for many many people and these people also exist. We are not followers
of this man nor do we accept him as our Guru. However, YB showed us how to be a friend to ALL.
Even though this group has different beliefs than us, they are still a branch of Sikhee.
Guru Nanak was a friend to all and lived to uplift and inspire everyone.
This is a lesson for you to in your light and share that light......if you spend time judging
faulting others you will only find our Sikh Ardas.....we say unsee the faults in others.

God bless you and thank you for asking, SK

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Acceptance Of Naamdhari (04/11/2011)
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