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Summary of Question:I Think I Got Split Personality
Date Posted:Monday, 3/14/2011 8:16 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal ji,

I think i got split personality. Sometimes I am very happy and the very next minute i become angry for no reason. I have very bad mood swings and dont have many friends whick are sikhs. most of my friends are muslim but they have never critised me before. they accept me for who I am, whereas my sikh friends always criticise me.
My split personality is like I am 2 different person. SOmetimes I am the good person which does paath than suddenly i become the weird unknown person like full of gusa and feel angry when i hear paath. I donno whic is the real me. I will be grateful if u can help me get my answers. Thank u ji
You are living in a very intense duality. Your true self is in your balance and in God consciousness. If you have intense mood swings you may be eating too much chocolate or sugar and giving your pancreas an overload. You just may have a very sensitive constitution and need to be careful about your diet and your thinking.

Also, rather then giving in to the duality of your mood swings, work on your self. Sing Benti Chai-pa-ii, meditate deeply and clean out your subconscious garbage.

Your Sikh friends care about you and want you to stop acting out of emotionality and anger.
Those that tolerate your mis-behevior really do not care about you. Stop kidding yourself and sart being kind to yourself and help yourself. SK

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I Think I Got Split Personality (03/14/2011)
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