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Summary of Question:Illness
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/03/2011 6:04 PM MST


I've recently been given a probable diagnosis for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I've seen Shabads on the Q & A forum for long lives so living long is good. I'm 23 so if MS kills me at quite a young age does that mean I'm a bad person? I'm really confused about what this means. From karma does this mean I've done something really bad in my past life? Then I get further confused because when bad things have happened to me in the past good has always come out of it, so I have faith that this will happen with MS.

Thank you for your help. Apologies if this does not make sense as I am quite confused.

Dear one, this is very challenging news for you and I understand your emotion.
Please know that their are medications to help you live a good life.
Do not think of this as a punishment rather a chance to excell with this gift of challenge. Perhaps you will study to become a doctor and find a cure for this.

You have a beautiful swan soul that lives and loves and sings the praise of God and Guru. Stay in the joy of knowing that you have lived millions of lifetimes and will live many more. This is a wonderful time to find gratitude and devotion. SK

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Illness (02/03/2011)
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