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Summary of Question:I'm A Hindu Who Believes In Spirituality And Want To Learn About Sikh Prayers
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/10/2011 5:18 AM MDT

Sat Nam :)

I'm Suvarna(gender- female)and I believe in Spirituality. For me all religion is one and had questions on the Sacred Gurmukhi Prayers especially So Purkh. I have So Purkh translated in English and want to know if I recite this prayer in English will be more powerful/ effective or saying in Gurmukhi language will work best.

Secondly, do I have to cover my head with dupata or cloth when I'm saying this prayer? I want to do this properly and have no knowledge of Sikh customs and rituals. Can you please help me with my questions. Your help will be much appreciated.

Love and Blessings
Dear one, Thank you for asking and wanting to do the right thing.
Please recite it in Gurmukhi. This is where the power lies. You can read it from
the transliteration. Then you can read it in English once to know what you are
reciting. Yes, please cover your head when you recite the prayer. It is vibrating
your 10th gate and covering your crown, the top of your head, gives you a protective cover
and gives you humility.
God bless you, SK

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I'm A Hindu Who Believes In Spirituality And Want To Learn About Sikh Prayers (04/10/2011)
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