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Summary of Question:Death Dreams
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/03/2011 6:57 PM MST


I have dreams about death which then come true. The dreams I have don't give me exact details of time of death, which person but I get a sense of how that person died and how I know them. For example, in my last dream someone's brother died, who was a distant family friend/relative, very suddenly and it was shocking. This then came true as I found out about a death through that person's brother who is a distant family friend. His brother died in a car crash so it was unexpected and sudden. This happens with every dream I have about death. What does this mean, I feel very guilty like it's my fault.

Also, in my dreams I feel the feelings of grieve of what their family members feel which I also carry on feeling while I'm awake. Could you explain this to me? Why do I feel it so strongly?
You have a great sensitivity to these vibrations. When people are about to depart (die)& their subtle body starts to leave the earth plane. A friend of mine had the gift to see aura's and noticed this person had no subtle body. They passed away shortly. This can be seen as a gift or a burden. Please know, you are not responsible. Do the shabd JAI TE GUNG daily and master this perception of yours. God bless you, SK

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Death Dreams (02/03/2011)
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