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Dealing with Questions and Issues of Sikh Youth

Summary of Questions:
Show details for Can I Trim My Hair[<i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]   1 response[</i></font>]Can I Trim My Hair 1 response
Re. Why Is It Wrong To Marry Outside The Religion, Part 2
Dasam Granth
Naming Gurdware After Castes
Show details for Who Controls The Gurdware[<i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]   1 response[</i></font>]Who Controls The Gurdware 1 response
Why Is It Wrong To Marry Outside Of The Religion? Part 1
Guru Granth Saheb Jee's View On Vegetarianism
How Do I Proceed When I Am Left Behind
"Amrit Vela"
Show details for Sikhi And Homosexuality[<i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]   1 response[</i></font>]Sikhi And Homosexuality 1 response
How Is The Jathedar Selected
Show details for What Is The Proper Way Of Doing "Simran" ?[<i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]   1 response[</i></font>]What Is The Proper Way Of Doing "Simran" ? 1 response
Sikhism And Dating
Show details for Hypocrisy In Sikhism[<i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]   1 response[</i></font>]Hypocrisy In Sikhism 1 response
When Getting Married, What Do The Four Lama Stand For? Why A Specific Number?
Can We Dress Up And Use Cosmetics Once We Are An Amritdhari
Could You Tell Me If I'm Right?
Is Okay To Tell Little Lies In Daily Life (Eg Fibs)?
What Is Diffrent About Sikhism Than Any Other Religion?
Contraception In Marriage
Sikh Names
Show details for Why We Cut Our Nails And Not Hair?[<i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]   2 responses[</i></font>]Why We Cut Our Nails And Not Hair? 2 responses
What Is "Parkirma" ?
Show details for Why Aren't Girls Treated With Equality?[<i><font size=-1 color=#000000>]   2 responses[</i></font>]Why Aren't Girls Treated With Equality? 2 responses
Why Do Sikhs Wear Turbans?
What Is Wrong With A Sikh Person Going On A "Date" With A Girl/Boy?
What Is Wrong With Telling A Lie?
How Come Indian Sikhs Do Not Practice Yoga?
Why Do We Cut The Langar With A Kirpan During Ardas?
Why Do We Cover Our Heads?

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