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Summary of Question:Baba Sri Chand Chant
Date Posted:Friday, 11/13/2009 1:17 PM MST


I have serious obstacles in my life. Nothing ever goes right no matter how hard I try. The more I pray, the stronger the resistance that I feel is pushing me back. I pray to have my family problems resolved and peace in my life.

IF I take a break from praying, the resistance also settled down. Every time I start a new shabad/prayer there is always a force trying to stop me. (someone will get sick, I will get hurt, family member will start to randomly lash out at me.)

It has been like this for several years and I need to remove this evil block. Even as I write this email to you, I am feeling a pressure. If I pray in general, then I never have problems. However, whenever try to pray for resolution of family problems, there are ALWAYS large side effects.

Just a few days ago, your recommended the following chant to someone who has obstacles in their life.

"you can also do 11 minutes of Baba Siri Chand chant (Alakh Baba Siri Chand Dirakh). With fingers wide open brush your hair down from the top of your head to the shoulders on every repetition of the mantra. This is one of the very few meditations where you can repeatedly chant this mantra for a few minutes to break through all of your blocks and to ask for divine protection."

I know that Baba Sri Chand is extremely powerful, and I also know that we are to only call Him when we are in danger. I have searched the web for information on Baba Sri Chand but cannot find much information.I am so happy to have found this.

1.) Could you please explain exactly how to "brush my hair down with fingers wide open"? Also, what is the purpose of this gesture - are we removing the negativity from our body? or are we blessing ourselves?

2.) Am I supposed to let me hair open for this meditation? Do I cover my head?

3.) Any other advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
God Bless


Sat Nam,
Yes, you can leave your hair down and brush it from the very top of your head down to the shoulders lust like a big brush or a claw, then shake the hands out in one shake and come back to the top of the head again. You can also just brushstroke your aura as if you are doing the same thing without touching your head. I think that may work better.

You are accomplishing a few things here. You are brushing away your own negative thoughts and fears about your situation that attract other negative influences from outside. And shaking off and away all of that negativity and blocks in your life that are due to other reasons.

When you shake the hands directing them away from your shoulders imagine all that negative energy just dissipate or disappear into space so it will never come back to bother you.

It requires a commitment. At least 40 to 90 days for 11 minutes a day. It sounds that you have a lot of negativity in your life so you may want to concentrate every day on a little portion of it at a time. In your case I would also recommend doing an Eagle Pose for 3 minutes a day to strengthen your aura and your ark line. This way nothing will ever bother you again. It would be hard for me to explain Eagle Pose in this e-mail so please contact Spirit Voyage or Ancient Healing way to get a manual that contains that meditation.

I hope this gives you enough information to precede.


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